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Added new coulmn in Team viewer in MSS Line manager dashboard, but blank value is coming

Feb 14, 2017 at 03:12 PM


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Added new coulmn in Team viewer in MSS Line manager dashboard

, but no value is coming for that column. I have added

TO_EESGRP_T (Employee sub group text) column in hierarchy in org. chart visualization. The column appears at MSS line manager dashboard at team viewer but value is not coming.

The column is picking up values from FM HRWPC_CB_EESUBGROUP_TEXT and I have tested it , it works fine. Not sure why value is not coming.Please help!!

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Mitali Chaudhry Mar 13, 2017 at 12:09 PM


I was able to resolve this.. I was adding the column name in incorrect column group... When I added the column name in correct column group ,, the value started coming on the team viewer... thanks for investing you precious time @Christopher Solomon.

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Christopher Solomon
Mar 08, 2017 at 02:22 PM

You only have 3 "blocks" to work with.....the photo....employee name.....employee position......and then the app makes the 4th which is the "toolbar". We had a similar requirement of showing the PERNR with the employee name. If we added it you was never shown though was there....this is because there is no "room" you either....

1. remove/replace one of the blocks you don't need/use (like photo). Then use your own and order the others correctly.

2. concatenate your EE SG onto one of the other blocks.....this is what we did for PERNR .....added it to the employee name....HOWEVER, be warned....if the name is too long, it will "push off" the other part and not show....though it will be a part of the tool tip.

My questions are this though....

1. what is the business requirement? Why on Earth would you need this displayed in the org chart itself? realize that the "quick view" is available off the employee "block" in their toolbar and on the Quick View, you can show a LOT more information.

2. This Workforce Viewer is used in many place/ keep in mind that it is not just the managers that would see this. The Org Chart is also used in ESS and Hr Professional.

Hope this info helps.

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Business wants to take diff. actions for colleagues based on employee sub group (for eg: they are some forms which will not be accessible for particular employee sub group), that is why they want this to be visible in team viewer for all.

In the existing Hierarchy, there are already 5 columns , which gets displayed properly , problem comes only when I have added the 6th column, Employee subgroup . below are the screenshots. Please advice what can I do to make the value appear for Emp. sub group column which is currently coming as N/A


Also, I have tried and tested by removing the photo column , then also value for emp, sub grp. doesn't appear at team viewer. I am not sure but some where I had read that 6 coulmns can be added in team viewer


Hmmm we may be talking different org charts....what version are you on? I am talking about HR Renewal 2.0....the Workforce Viewer.....which for a manager...."TEAM" uses the structures MSS_TMV_EE_DIR (People) and MSS_TMV_EE_ORG1 (Organization) have a different structure name up there (MSS_EMP_HIER) which makes me wonder.


Answered my own question...checked the IMG and found your settings....and yes, you are on the "older" (than mine) org chart. Sorry for the confusion and wish I could help.