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Jan 21, 2020 at 01:11 PM

[BPC 11] post multiple journals at once



I am working in a standard model for consolidation in BPC 11. For a given period I have created several journals which I now want to post. I can post them one by one, either by opening each journal and clicking on post or by selecting it from the list in the overview and clicking on post.

However, when I select more than one journal in the overview and click on post, only the first journal is posted and the others are not. I also get an error saying that I am not authorised.

I can then select exactly these journals and post them individually without a problem.

I had a look in SU53 and found this error

I have full read and write access to all dimensions in all models in our environment

Does anyone have any ideas what could cause this error?



error-journals.png (36.0 kB)
error-journals3.png (101.3 kB)