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Jan 20, 2020 at 11:11 AM

How to solve Language issue in sap.ui.vbm map Google map layer?


Hi All,

I ma working on custom sapui5 application development using sap.ui.vbm GeoMap controls. I am using Google Map API URL as a Content Provider for the vbm control. I pasted the used code below for reference.

controller code:

setMapConfiguration method will be called from onInit passing two parameters.

setMapConfiguration: function (oView, mapType) {
			if (mapType === "H") {
	URL = "{X}&y={Y}&z={LOD}"; //google layer for hybrid
			} else {
	URL = ",m&x={X}&y={Y}&z={LOD}"; //google layer for satelite
			/*	Google Map Api Configuration Starts for VBM Map Layer*/
			var oMapConfig = {
				"MapProvider": [{
					"name": "GMAP",
					"description": "Map Provider",
					"tileX": "256",
					"tileY": "256",
					"maxLOD": "20",
					"copyright": "Tiles Courtesy of Google Maps",
					"Source": [{
							"id": "s1",
							"url": URL
				"MapLayerStacks": [{
					"name": "GOOGLE",
					"MapLayer": {
						"name": "layer2",
						"refMapProvider": "GMAP",
						"opacity": "6.0",
						"colBkgnd": "RGB(255,255,255)"
			//setting the MapConfiguration and LayerStack with GeoMap reference

View Code:

<vbm:GeoMap id="vbi" width="100%" xmlns:l="sap.ui.layout" height="100%"/>

It is working as expected i can see the maps on the screen. But whenever i do zoom in an out some times the language is automatically changing on the map content.

normal screen:

Firs level zoom in:

And sometimes different languages appearing on the map area. Could any one help me to solve this issue.

Thank you,




normal-view.png (385.7 kB)
zoom-level-1.png (310.5 kB)