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Jan 20, 2020 at 10:12 AM

IBP supply dissagregation weeks to technical weeks



We are running S&OP Optimizer operator in IBP Supply Planning Area in weeks.

But stored results in technical weeks do not fit our expectations, it seems that all the values stored in a week that has two technical weeks are splited 50%-50%.

Below some screenshots:

  • 1)In screenshot 1, production/capacity usage in weeks TW09a and TW09b is splitted 50-50 even capacity supply is only available on TW9a

    Our expectation is that production could only take place on week TW9a.

  • 1)In screenshot 2, production receits do not fit production receipts adjusted KF, because production is splitted 50-50 between TW18a and TW18b.

Our expectation is that production receipts would consider in which technical week is stored adjusted production receipts.

Thanks in advance


dis-01.jpg (81.3 kB)
dis-02.jpg (60.6 kB)