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Jan 20, 2020 at 12:10 PM

Push Dispatch issues


I am very new to SAP so I apologize in advance for this question. we have a production plant and an offsite warehouse. we do a push dispatch using the RF guns to move the product from production to the warehouse, at least once per day we get an error code.

“Open posting change for 20593404 0003461688. Contact your supervisor”

The pallets get hung up and we can spend hours trying to solve this problem to get the pallets unstuck in SAP. we have tried completing the transaction on a desktop computer (wireless) but we are finding that it still happens although less frequently.

My question is this: the RF gun and desktop computer are both wireless and production staff are still GRing pallets using SAP at the same time. has anyone else encounter the same issue and how did they solve it.