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Jan 17, 2020 at 09:41 PM

Withholding tax deduction at payment with monthly accumulation

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Hello all, I have some doubts related with Withholding tax with montlhy accumulation.

1 - We have a Withholidng Tax at payment with montlhy accumulation.

In the tests we had the follow system behavior.

Parameters: Minimum Base Amount: 130,00

Invoice A: 80,00; Invoice B: 20,00; Invoice C: 100,00; Invoice D: 100,00

At the payment (F110) for the 4 invoices we had the deduction due WHT in Invoice C because reach the Minimum Base Amount(130,00) but the Invoice D the deduction was not happened due not reach the Base amount.


1 - Is it correct to consider that after WTH Deduction the system reset the base accumulation and the system will deduct only after reach the minimum base amount again?

2 - About the Invoice D which was payed but not deducted due not reach the minimum base amount, does this invoice will be deducted in next month at the payment or the system will not consider the deduction once the accumultation is montly?

Thanks for support

Marcelo Borini