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Jan 23, 2020 at 01:26 PM

JMS Sender: Fetch messages only, if the previous message was successful


Hello Experts,

is there a way to configure the JMS Sender Adapter in a way, that PI receives the next JMS message only, if the previous message was processed successfully?

The purpose of this, was to use our message Bus for queuing. We would like to outsource the queuing from our PI.

In some scenarios we sometimes receive so much masterdata that our PI struggles to process it, especially, if the target system is not available.

So instead of this:

ECC -(MATMAS)-> PI -> Target System

We would like to have this:

ECC -(MATMAS)-> Message Bus --(JMS)--> PI

But this makes only sense, if PI fetches the messages from the Message Bus, if the previously received MATMAS was processed successfully. Otherwise PI starts again queueing.