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Jan 22, 2020 at 04:13 PM

Partner bank type (BVTYP) getting overwritten after user-exit, probably by customer master...



We have a user-exit that set the partner bank type xref3 in zxvvfu08. But when it ends up into the financial document, the value is different from the value it had when leaving the user-exit.

That suspicious value, our user-exit has no knowledge of it so it 100% sure it does not come from it, BUT, we see that in the customer master, this Partner bank type is maintained. So it very much look like SAP is overwriting our userexit determined value with the value coming from the customer master.

Is that possible and if so, what's the point then of the user exit and is there a way to bar SAP from doing it and allow our value to carry through?

Thank you!