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Jan 22, 2020 at 01:36 PM

Personalized email content according to interaction interests.


Dear SAP Community,

We would like to set up an email with personalized content according to the interaction interests of a contact. For example, John Doe clicked on a link with interest "Football". This interaction is saved in his profile along with the interest "Football". Now, I want to write an email with general information about sports and one block should show Tennis information to only contacts with this interests.

To do this, I set up a new email in Content Studio. In the Settings I chose "All Contacts" for the personalization. This allows to use "item of interest" in the block conditions. Then, I created a block condition that should apply if the contact has the item of interest "Football". I sent myself a test email using a contact that has the interest "Football".

But, I receive an email with the standard block and not the personalized block.

Any suggestion about this?

Image 1. List of personalization attributes. Item of interest is found under interactions

Image 2. Block condition. If the item of interest is "Football", then this block should be shown

Image 3. Condition assignments for the block

Thanks for the support

Best regards



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capture3.jpg (14.5 kB)