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Jan 21, 2020 at 10:24 PM

Elec Bank stat -Docs are getting cleared although the doc# o in SAP & Payee notes are not match


Hi Experts,

Please share your inputs

  • Scenario - Although the payment document numbers are not system ( BAI and SAP) , system is clearing the document number ( T Code FF_5) .
  • Expectation - If document number between BAI and SAP are not matching system should not clear
  • Scenario
  • Amount in BAI file and BSIS table are same and system has only one document in BSIS table with amount that matches BAI file I,.e$12500. Although document number (i.e. payee notes) in BAI file is not matching with SAP BSIS Document, system is strangely clearing the document.
  • BAI file has payment document number – 180028903 , $ 12500
  • SAP has payment document number – 181003022, $12500
  • Internal Algorithm - 021 ( Ref Document search)
  • Search String ( Ref attach1
  • Search String Use( Ref Attach2)