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Jan 21, 2020 at 08:21 AM

Most fields of C4C Odata service not rendered as editable on Fiori Object page


Dear community,

I am working on a Fiori Elements List Report - Object Page for service tickets from SAP Cloud for Customer. I am annotating the C4C OData API with local annotations using Web-IDE.

Odata Service:

This works well for the most part. However, in edit mode only a few fields are rendered as editable on the object page. The important ones like status, priority, customer, etc, are all rendered as read-only. Name (title) and main ticket are examples of fields that are rendered as input ready.

I have managed to annotate fields that I don't want to be input-ready with Core.Computed, but I am missing a way to make other fields editable. I have tried Common.FieldControl but that doesn't seem to do anything either, nor do any annotations from the Validation or CodeList vocabularies.

Am I missing something? How can I make the fields that are rendered fine on the object page editable, preferably using local annotations? Or will I have to extend object page and build view and controller myself (trying to avoid that as much as possible).

The user communicating with C4C does have the necessary authorizations for editing, and manually sending a POST request to C4C using Postman works too.

The main Entity I am working with is the ServiceRequest:

This is how the Object Page renders in display mode:

And this is how it looks like in edit mode:

I have attached the local annotation file for ServiceRequest. servicerequestannotationsxml.txt

Best regards,