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Jan 17, 2020 at 06:56 PM

SAP GUI saplogon.exe process memory leak


Hello, this is our environment:

Kernel SAP : 721_EXT_REL

SAP GUI 7.30 on MS Windows 7 (90% clients)

SAP GUI 7.50 on MS Windows 7 (10% clients)

After about 5 years without major problems, around September 2019 the SAP GUI saplogon.exe process began to show massive memory leaks in some of our Windows 7 clients. Saplogon.exe process starts at under 100MB of memory used. Then, after some hours of use and memory eating, when the memory used by saplogon.exe reaches about 1.2GB, the SAP GUI starts to show a wide range of problems, from simple memory errors inside any transaction, to a sudden complete shutdown to the desktop of all the GUI windows, without any error message or log entry. It seems totally random and unrelated to the number or type of transactions active at the moment. Sometimes saplogon.exe, if left open with a couple of inactive transactions, starts to eat memory even at night time, while no one is actively using it. The next morning the user finds the saplogon.exe has reached the dreaded 1.2GB limit, all by itself. A couple clients have been upgraded from GUI 7.30 to 7.50 for the purpose of troubleshooting but with no results.

Before opening a ticket on the SAP support portal I wanted to know if someone may have had similar problems and if they found any solution that I, as a member of the IT team, may apply.

Thanks in advance.