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ME57 Create only PO after Overview assignment

Hi guys,

I have already read almost all threads on forum (Subramanian, Arizkuren, Laing, Sara BLL etc....) and OSS notes 18128 and deep parametr EVO with 'Assign and Edit PR' etc....but I have a doubt on the feisability about the creation of a single PO in tr ME57 i.e. I run the tr ME57 with sort indicator 1, I select a line, Go to--->Assign Overview--->two lines appears with the same vendor and with two different sources of supply , same Purch Group..But at this point I should click on every line and I create a PO (process assignment) so I am forced to create two PO's..Is it possible to combine the 2 lines into one PO i.e.create a only PO for those two lines?

In attachment two pictures to explain...

Thanks in advance for the feed-back



me57-1-1.png (9.4 kB)
me57-2-2.png (6.0 kB)
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3 Answers

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    Posted on Feb 15, 2017 at 08:23 PM

    It is not possible to create a single PO in one shot if you have 2 different sources (even from the same vendor). But it is still possible to create only one PO.

    You double click the first item, get the pop up and continue to ME21N. You drop the PR into the basket and save the PO. SAP returns to ME57. You double click the second item, get the pop-up and continue to ME21N.

    In the document overview you see your PO that was just created and your second PR. Now double click the PO to have it appear on the main window. Change the processing mode to change. Now drag the second PR into the basket of the PO and you get the second item in the PO.

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  • Posted on Feb 14, 2017 at 09:43 PM

    Your post is very confusing, I see no relation at all from the mentioned OSS note 18128 to EVO and EFP and even further to your question to create a single PO where each item has a different contract as reference.

    After double clicking one item in ME57 old version (your screenshot) or selecting 2 items of the same vendor in ME57 ALV version followed by clicking generate PO button I am taken to ME21N in both cases, with an open document overview showing always both purchase requisitions. I just drag and drop them into the basket on top left of the PO . Is this not so in your system?

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    • Hi Jurgen,

      sorry I try to explain better: my customer is used to perform with tr ME57 in a old version (scope of list A), he run it, the Assign and process PR screen appears, select a line as in picture 1, Go to 'Assignment Overview' and he has a scenario as in picture 2 with two lines even if the vendor is the same because two different source lists (example contracts) and he is forced to select before a line, click 'Process assignment' or double click, pop up, enter and a only PO he can create only related to the first line and he must the same thing for the second line..So He can not create a unique PO in the same screen for those two lines such as in ALV mode...

      My question: in a old version there is the possibility to create the PO in one shot related to those two lines?

      Thanks as usual for the interesting



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    Former Member
    Posted on Feb 14, 2017 at 04:45 PM


    Its should work. Please try the below

    1) Maintain User Parameter Tcode -SU3

    Parameter ID - EFB and Parameter Value - 01

    Parameter ID - EVO and Parameter Value - 02

    2) Info record - Valid

    3) Soruce List - ME01 with "Fix " check box selected.

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