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Jan 17, 2020 at 04:35 AM

Applying notes for S4HANA Readiness check and SAP Next Gen BSR


Just wanted to find out from someone who has done this before. In order to use SAP tools for Next Gen BSR and SAP Readiness check 2.0, the following prerequisites.
Implement two SAP Notes in your productive SAP ERP system using the note assistant (SNOTE):
• SAP Note 2758146: This note contains the overall framework for data collection
• SAP Note 2745851: This note contains the functionality needed to extract the business process performance metrics

How long did it take (effort in days) for applying these notes. I'm not asking about the use of the tools, just want to get a realistic days effort just to apply/install these notes on an ECC6 (EHP7) system prior to using the actual tools.
Additional: Solman 7.2 is also available, but not in active use. Does it add effort to use it via Solman?