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Jan 16, 2020 at 06:56 AM

ODT40_TO_EXP_EV_DATE : Usage & Configuration Node


Hi Everyone ,

I waschecking the standard EE profile ODT40 . And I came across the field: Set EE Date Fct . The F1 help states that if it is blank the EE dates will be as per the configuration in EE Profile & otherwise it will follow as per assigned.

I am confused about its usage. Firstly I am unable to find the configuration node for this Activity in the system & secondly does this mean , if we don't want to use an EE Extractor Function in Application System or so we can directly write a logic & assign it to each event.

I am currently using SAP EM 9.2 SP 12. Can anyone help me to understand it more.


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2.png (5.8 kB)