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Jan 16, 2020 at 06:19 PM

S&OP Operator IBP Supply Optimizer in technical weeks


Dear all,

We are running SAP IBP Supply Optimizer, and we have noticed in the results that for example: Production Receipts key figure (output of S&OP Operator) is not consistent in technical weeks with the available capacity (the same for the adjusted capacity). This seems to be because operator is running in weeks instead of technical weeks, and the result is split 50%-50% where one week has two technical weeks. Example:

Production Wn = 100

Production Wna = 50

Production Wnb=50

Even the available capacity is set in this way:

Capacity Supply Wn=100

Capacity Supply Wna=100

Capacity Supply Wnb=0

My question is, may I run S&OP in technical weeks? I have tried but received below error: Time periods of operator and aggr. constr. key figures are not identical.

But we are not using aggregated constraints.