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Jan 15, 2020 at 07:46 PM

QM- Inspection by supplier lot


Hello Guru's,

I have 3 requirements in QM which are interlinked to each other.

Requirement 1- Inspection should be done based on Vendor lot not SAP batch number.1 vendor batch may have multiple SAP batches.

Material Vendor batch SAP Batch Inspect 00XXXXXX V7Y89T5 8998760 Yes 00XXXXXX Same 8998761 No 00XXXXXX Same 8998762 No

Requirement 2 - Skip inspection for some materials for every 3rd vendor batch.

Material Vendor batch SAP Batch Inspect 7XXXXX V7Y89T5 8998760 Yes 7XXXXX Same 8998761 No 7XXXXX Same 8998762 No 7XXXXX V9B89T5 8998763 Yes 7XXXXX Same 8998764 No 7XXXXX V5CMK95 8998765 No

Requirement 3 - Skip inspection for MIC “ Length” for specific materials.

MIC “ Length” should only be test every 3rd vendor lot.

Please provide some inputs. I am aware that i need custom development for these, but i want to know how can i achive these