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Jan 14, 2020 at 08:40 PM

FTO in US and LU in foreign country - Compliance Management for export


Hi Friends,

I am seeking a solution to the following business scenario.

The company is in US FTO-US with a domestic plant LU-NC. We have warehouses in overseas countries like Singapore (LU-SG) and Germany (LU-DE) which are managed by 3rd party logistics as Bonded Warehouse.

We transfer goods to LU-SG and LU-DE using STO.

LU-NC,LU-DE,LU-SG are assigned to same company code FTO-US.

For selling to customers in SG and DE we are creating sales orders from plants(warehouse) LU-SG and LU-DE.

How can we configure the Compliance management in GTS (SPL, Legal control, Embargo) so that when the goods are released from the Bonded warehouse as part of the Sales Order/Delivery process, the country of departure, country of legal regulation is adopted as US.