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Jan 15, 2020 at 08:24 AM

SAP Analytics Cloud Waterfall Charts


Does anyone have any decent guides to waterfall charts? All the ones I've found have been pretty basic and doesn't talk about the requirements to getting them to work.

One of the many things that I'm struggling with is how we hide 0 values for them.


I'm trying so that in the chart above it will create a bridge between Volume (CY) and Volume. (PY)

I've managed to get it vaguely working by creating restricted measures on each of the divisions for both Volume (CY) and Volume (PY) that would appear in the bridge and then creating a calculated measure to get the variance. This produces something like this:


However, the problem is that this can't be interacted with. The divisions are the 2nd level in a hierarchy and ideally I would like to drill down to the lowest level in a division.

At the very least I need a way of hiding anything in the Waterfall chart that is 0.

Any help would be most welcome.


waterfall.png (32.8 kB)
waterfall-2.png (16.0 kB)