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Jan 15, 2020 at 11:22 AM

SAF-T Angola Customizing Step and Program


Dear Expert,

I have the requirement to generate SAF-T file for Angola for FI GL accounting and master data. We implemented several notes. But still i cannot see any program to define settings for extraction.

I only see program RPFIEU_SAFT (EU) and RPFIPL_SAFT (Poland), but do not find any program for AO (Angola)?

I already maintained country code inputs below table

SAFTNV_INTCA_EXT --> AO (file version 1.01_01)

SAFTNV_INTCA_GEN --> AO (file version 1.01_01)

Not sure where i should start file structure customizing and extraction process for Angola?

Any inputs highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!



saft-t-ao.jpg (127.2 kB)