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Jan 13, 2020 at 04:46 PM

Using SAP PI to trigger IATA XML version 3.1.0 for Sales invoice( IDOC TYPE- INVOIC)


Hi SAP gurus,

We have an aviation customer to whom we need to transmit Sales invoices from SAP ECC through to SAP PI using IATA version 3.1.0 in XML format to their systems. The customer is not able to provide xsd for the XML needed but has provided an example of the XML output. We tried to convert to XSD from the XML but a particular field node is missing hence not able to use the converted XSD to design the XML.

The below field as needed in the XML output is below where DTN is the dispatching location , ARN is the aircraft regisration number and FNO is the Flight number:

<ItemDeliveryReferenceValue ItemDeliveryReferenceType="DTN">000000</ItemDeliveryReferenceValue>

<ItemDeliveryReferenceValue ItemDeliveryReferenceType="ARN">XXXXX</ItemDeliveryReferenceValue>

<ItemDeliveryReferenceValue ItemDeliveryReferenceType="FNO">XX000</ItemDeliveryReferenceValue>

The above details are not in the converted XSD; does anyone has any experience here to please guide me?

Kind Regards,