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Israel tax code - which field to use in customer and vendor master

Where do you maintain the tax code for vendors and customers from Israel?

The F1 field of the 5 tax code fields does not mention anything about Israel.

The OSS notes I found talked mainly about Withholding tax issues and Business One tax determination, but I am in a core ERP EHP6 system. I saw 2 OSS notes from S4HANA where I found in the code corrections this statement:

EC countries or specials like Australian Business Number, and Israel VAT go to EC VAT table (field STCEG)

Anyone can share in which field they maintain the tax code and why. Even better if someone knows about an official statement from SAP which field shall be used.

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  • Nobody here with a company in Israel or with customers/vendors in Israel who can just look into his KNA1 or LFA1 table to see in which field they maintain the tax code?

    What about Pakistan? Same question.

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2 Answers

  • Feb 23, 2017 at 03:41 PM

    I have no access to a live system with IL or PK customers, I won't be of much use, I am afraid.
    From what I can see in IDSDTXNUMVIS for IL, STCD1 and STCD2 are set to be used for one-time customers, while for the rest the fields are suppressed, so most probably only these two make some sense.
    The only mention for VAT code maintenance in the master data by SAP, which I found for Israel, is this :

    I find it counter-intuitive, that in this page SAP mentions 3 possible fields: STCD1, STCD2 and STCEG without much explanation when to use each of these (my understanding so far was that STCEG is related to EU, but I am not an expert, maybe Israel is a special case).

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  • Feb 24, 2017 at 09:20 AM

    Hello Jurgen ,

    I do not have the system now, as the project for Israel client is over.

    But I remember the client in Israel was using STCD1, STCD2 .I remember this, as we were asked to make these fields Visible in MDG for the client as they used these for Vendor Master in Israel.

    Sorry for being of little help.



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    • of course we can't wait weeks to maintain a vendor master, so we decided to use tax code 1 until someone answers this question with a reliable reply.

      The subsidiaries are so small right now that tax reporting is not done with SAP, but we like to be prepared to have the master data and our user docu in a well shape. We can change it later, that is not a big deal, but it is extra work which could be avoided.