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Jan 13, 2020 at 02:02 PM

Why PowerDesigner compound triggers automaticaly generated when attaching sequences to columns



I used PowerDesigner to reverseEngineer one of our huge database (we are moving data architecting from one software to PowerDesigner).

I am connecting my sequences to the right columns which weren't reverse engineered by default at first. Perhaps, I understand why.

As I fill the sequence field in the column's properties, I observed that PowerDesigner generate compound triggers (delete, insert, update and tib)

To my knowledge, those coumpound triggers aren't no more needed in Oracle and constitue archaic means of doing or in my language quite an arsenal for killing a fly.... so why is PD generating them automatically ?

Is it possible to remove or inactivate this automatic generation ? and if yes, how ?

I do have several huge models to work on and I wouldn't like to remove them one by one as I am actually connecting my sequences.


Annie Morin