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Jan 13, 2020 at 12:09 PM

Error while saving a journal in BPC11.1 Embedded


Dear experts,

We are working with 0GLACCEX with a conversion routine ACCEX.

When we try to create a new journal, we select the member through the hierarchy in the matchcode.

In one hand, when we are going to save it, it fails, and we recieve two different errors: UJJ_EXCEPTION_092 Y UJJ_EXCEPTION_048

In the other hand, when we write the account manually, like in the hierarchy in the TX: RSH1, we are able to save the journal.

But for example, in this way it Works. When we create a new Business Rule, we can choose the account through the hierarchy in the matchcode, and converts it in the same format like in the hierarchy in TX RSH1, so we are able to save it.

We are working with this version: BPC4HANA SP: SAPK-200002INBPC4HANA

Why is this happening? Can anybody help us?

Thanks in advance.


error3.jpg (36.5 kB)
error1.jpg (81.8 kB)
error2.jpg (29.0 kB)
error5.jpg (98.6 kB)
error4.jpg (57.5 kB)