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Jan 10, 2020 at 07:16 PM

APO DP Macro: Cell Input


I have 2 Key Figures. If KF 1 has value 0, then KF2 is non-editable. If there is no 0, then KF2 is allowed to edit.

I wrote the macro as this.


New Condition:

Row: KF1 = 0

Row KF2 (attributes)



Row KF2 (attributes)

Cell_input (1)


with this, its defintely making the KF2 non-editable if KF1 has 0. But when I drill down to say 5 locations, and only 1 location has 0. then I expect only for that location, KF2 should be non editable but other locations should be editable. But its becoming all locations as non-editable.

What is missing in this code ?

I am confused with the Row KF vs Cell KF. (earlier i put Cell KF1) its not working. when i use Row KF1, it works to some extent. but when disaggregated to multiple values, its not working. Just on CVC level, the code works.

I am missing any AGGR function missing in the code ? i want this macro to work on whatever level the user is. if the KF1 has 0, the corresponding KF2 should be non editable. Else, editable.

Can anyone please explain ?