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Jan 08, 2020 at 07:23 PM

WebI SQL engine code generation for RANK in a UNX universe



We are on Business Objects 4.2 SP4 and use UNX universes.

When using the RANK functionality in building a query, it will generate syntax similar to this, directly prior to the RANK function.

FieldA + '\' + FieldB (FieldA and FieldB are the ones being used in the RANK function). This code is fine and will work, but we are trying to get this to work on the Hadoop platform. I can switch the concatenation syntax to ||, not a problem, but the '\' is a character that cannot be used in a concatenation in Hadoop. Is there anywhere to change the character being used here? Note that this is not any syntax defined in the UNX, it seems its baked into the SQL generation when using RANK.

Thanks for any help.