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Jan 08, 2020 at 10:23 AM

Packing Requirements Data importing issues for UN_LIS_SUB Spec using OCC approach

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Hi experts,

Property Tree = LS_UN_TREE

TAB = Packing Requirements

I am doing UN_LIST_SUB spec import using OCC(for Packing requirements Data only)

As per the SAP Standards, we cant import the Packing requirements TAB data using standard CG33 Specification Import. (I have experienced this practically too)

So i tried to achieve this by using the OCC.

When i am trying to import this data using the OCC i am facing the below issues

  1. There is a field called Instruction for Enclosure in the Packing requirements Tab in LS_UN_TREE.
  2. The data for the particular field Instruction for Enclosure is not able to import using OCC. I am not sure why this is happening where as its importing all other fields beside that field.
  3. As per the Log file the issue is, "Found INSTR_ENCL not expected. Invalid Data Element".
  4. The filed beside that is Risk Potential. And the Technical Name for this is DPOT. System is not showing any errors/issues with the other field like this.
    But the problem is with the INSTR_ENCL: Instruction for enclosure
  5. As i can see that this field INSTR_ENCL is coming from the table CCUNTPACK and the field is present in the check table CCUNC115.
  6. But as per the OCC excel format we maintain doesn't contain any table information but the field information only.Like below,
  • Risk Potential = K:DPOT
  • Instruction for enclosure = K:INSTR_ENCL

So, i am not able to import the data for this instruction for enclosure filed this is where system is generating error in the log file as mentioned in in the point 3.

Your suggestions will help me a lot, Kindly suggest,

Thank you so much.

Best regrds