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Jan 10, 2020 at 09:32 AM

OData CreateEntity Edm.Binary

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Hi all,

May I ask if the current OData CreateEntity action supports writing Edm.Binary type? In my Asset Manager application, I can read the Edm.Binary coming from my backend system.

However, while using OData CreateEntity Action, it seems that it is not supporting Edm.Binary data type or there are additional steps required before calling the action?

Below is my metadata for CreateEntity.action. The FormData field is a Edm.Binary type and the value is a valid binary value (for testing purpose it is a simple value of string "test", in my real scenario it is JSON data).

{ "Headers": { "OfflineOData.RemoveAfterUpload": "true" }, "Properties": { "ObjectId": "/SAPAssetManager/Rules/WorkOrders/CreateUpdate/WorkOrderLocalID.js", "ObjectType": "Order", "Uuid": "#Page:WorkOrderCreateUpdatePage/#Control:FormUuid/#Value", "FormUuid": "/SAPAssetManager/Rules/Extensions/Formio/FormioGetSelectedFormUuid.js", "FormData": "dGVzdA==" }, "Target": { "EntitySet": "ZEQ_FORMIODATA_C", "Service": "/SAPAssetManager/Services/Formio.service" }, "ShowActivityIndicator": true, "_Type": "Action.Type.ODataService.CreateEntity" }

Based on the debug console, I do not understand the error "Conversion of format 2 not implemented" and also cannot debug further as the error occur in plugin level ODataManager.