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Jan 09, 2020 at 11:50 PM

App store fees to partner (listing, rev share, etc)


It's bewildering to me that after many hours of searching I can't find an answer to this anywhere in the partner pages. Posting here as a last resort.

Background: A client of mine recently became an open ecosystem partner (and made me an admin) so that I can help them answer some questions about Business One and how the partnership works, in order to help them determine if they want to go ahead and upgrade their partnership to the PartnerEdge--Build level. Their ultimate intention is to port their solution (which provides some shopfloor management functionality and is now integrated with other ERPs) to B1 and list it on the app store.

The one area I critically need to understand is the financial relationship between SAP and a Build Partner. Does SAP make money beyond the partnership fee (and any licensing fees required for the Partner to access dev/test instances of B1)? For example, do they charge a transaction fee when an SAP client buys an app on the app store? Is there any listing fee to be on the app store? Is there any other mechanism of any sort where SAP collects revenue owing to an app on the app store? My client typically bills an annual license fee for their software plus some consulting services around its set up and ongoing usage, if that matters.