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Jan 07, 2020 at 10:53 PM

Fiori Elements Object Page - Table Create Button missing


Hi guys,

i created a list report with object page via fiori elements. The objects page contains a table with items. Unfortunately the create button for new entries is missing. I am using a OData Service with implemented methods (no cds view) and local annotations in the frontend. I have been searching and debugging for ages, but I can't get it work.

List Page - List of employees

Object Page (Delete Button is shown, but no create button!) - Projects of employee

Due to sap documentation i need to define a "creatable-path" on the navigation, that points a attribute of the root entity and I need to set this value to true in the data. I did this already but its not working.

Enabling Action Buttons in Tables on the Object Page

Help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards



list.png (27.5 kB)
object-page.png (23.4 kB)
metadata.png (39.3 kB)
code.png (19.1 kB)
segw.png (21.8 kB)