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Jan 13, 2020 at 05:41 PM

Error in BAI2 lockboc FLB2 processing - one check, multiple invoices, half document not found


Similar problem stated in which provided no solution.

We also use lockbox for AR, BAI2 format.

However, for past few years we have been receiving lots of "Document not found" in one BAI2 file after using FLB2 lockbox processing t-code. Due to "document not found", FLB2 automatically assign "*" asterisk in the report and also in subledger. Note, all invoices listed in the BAI2 file does exist in XBLNR so I do not understand why FLB2 marked as "Document not found". Since we do have duplicate customer in SAP that have same MICR number, we chose to use Reference XBLNR to search for customer.

Please see below step-by-step what I've done to analysis the issue.

(1) FLB2 – DAILY LOCKBOX --> is using “reference number” XBLNR to search for invoices #

(2) bai2 bank file:

(3) looking at the report in SP01

(4) FBL5N – customer items are still open, Reference XBLNR does contain the exact invoice # and amount that match the BAI file. I did also search with only the Reference XBLNR only to double check if any duplicated in both OPEN and CLEARED items. The below two reference numbers are unique. No other customer or same customer have exact same reference number listed more than once.

I am puzzled why FLB2 report states “document not found” when clearly invoice match exactly in Reference XBLNR. FLB2 is a standard SAP program but I am having a hard time finding OSS notes for a solution. hope someone have a solution?

thank you.


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