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Jan 08, 2020 at 06:59 AM

Receiver JDBC adapter to insert one field in JSON format


Hi Everyone,

I have a requirement of 2 interfaces with Async flow.

Flow 1 : SQL DB [JDBC Adapter] ---> SAP PO 7.5 ----> SQL DB Staging table [JDBC Adapter]

Flow 2: SQL DB Staging table [JDBC Adapter] ---> SAP PO 7.5 ---> SQL DB [JDBC Adapter]

Here in 1st flow PO needs to fetch nearly 12 to 15 fields from DB and send them to target DB staging table.

My requirement is while inserting data in target table one of the field must be in JSON data.

Can any one please tell me is this possible to insert one of the field with JSON data and remaining fields with XML SQL format.?

The same case also with 2nd flow: one of the field will be in JSON format which SAP PO receives from SQL DB staging table.

Thanks in advance!