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Is there any way to automate the versions as soon as it reaches a certain limit. We are using a one single ldm for all models. We would like to archive(or move them to archive folder in repository) all previous versions except the current one as soon as the version number reaches a certain limit(example: We set the limit to 50, if version number becomes 50, automatically all 49 versions have to go to archive folder(created this folder in repository) and 50th version should become Version 1). Do I need to trigger a script? if so, how can I do it? Can you help me here. Thank you.

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Jan 07 at 03:47 PM

    Hello Swapna

    There's nothing that will automatically do what you ask, but there are steps you can take.

    • Branch the folder that contains the model (do NOT branch the Root folder)
    • check in and out from the branch, creating versions by freezing the model
    • when you've reached the limit, create a new branch based on the current branch - this will (in my system) reset the version number to 1
    • create new branches when you need to, delete old ones if you don't want them anymore

    If you don't want to use branching, then you'll need to use 'save as new model' to reset the version number to 1. You won't be able to check that model into the same folder unless you rename it (or at least change the model's code).

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