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Jan 03, 2020 at 02:40 PM

Jump from table to Popup issue


Dear All,

I have a table generated with application designer clicking on it a popup shows up. The table has dimensions columns and key figures columns.

The problem is generated following the next 3 steps:

1) I click on a row in the table (any cell in the dimension part of the table) and the popup shows up;

2) I click on the close button and the popup disappears:

3) I click on the same row of point 1) (dimension part) and the popup doesn't shows up;

This is the problem; I can't open the pop up clicking two times consecutively on the same row.

In order to bypass it I have found two solutions:

Solution1) To click in another row; the pop up opens ; then after the pop up closure I can return back on the previous row (point 1)) and open the pop up again;

Solution 2) In the same row of point 1) to click in the key figure area of the table; in this case the pop up shows up.

Is there a way in order to click on the same row and in the same table area (or dimension area or key figure area) consecutively and open the pop up?

I think it should be needed to reset the table after the popup closure in order to delete any active selection on it: infact i think the problem is that after the popup closure the selection on the table remains still active and clicking further on the same table area no actions is generated by the click ( as a consequence the console log doesn't list anything).

Waiting for a feedback.

Kind regards,