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Dec 25, 2019 at 04:02 PM

How to access HDI Container of Cloud Foundry trial account in Python?


Hi Experts,

Need your guidence with below requrement:

Is it possible to access the HDI container of Cloud Foundry "trial" using Python application (example Flask)?

I can do it very easily using Node.js express

But with Python, i am getting issues.

I am trying to access like below:

hana = env.get_service(label='hanatrial')

conn = dbapi.connect(address=hana.credentials['host'], port=int(hana.credentials['port']), user=hana.credentials['user'], password=hana.credentials['password'], encrypt="true")



hdbcli.dbapi.Error: (-10709, 'Connection failed (RTE:[300010] Cannot create SSL context: SSL trust store cannot be found: /home/vcap/.ssl/trust.pem (')


Followed the documentation below, but looks like it is not for "trial".

is there any way to access HDI containers of Cloud Foundry "trial" in Python?

Many thanks in advance,

Best Regards,