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Former Member
Apr 05, 2006 at 06:35 PM

Variable and Key Figure for Fiscal Year Period


Hello Everyone,

I am trying to acheive a Key Figure that will show the actual and plan costs for current and prior year.

The Key Figure should include a timeframe of period 1 of current fiscal/year period and up to and including the current period/year.

So if the report is ran today 4/5/2006 the key figure should show 001.2006 - 004.2006 for Current and 001.2005 - 004.2005 for prior.

I see many variables delivered like 0I_FPER2, 0FPERT, 0F_CUFPE, 0I_PMAX, 0I_PCURR, 0I_CFYTD and 0I_PFYTD. Can't know for sure if these will work.

Now, if the report is ran on 3/6/2006 "Current" should show 001.2006 - 003.2006 and prior 001.2005 - 003.2005. So Current always means the fiscal year period the user enters. So it technically could be in the past.

Can someone tell me how to acheive the above.

Thank you,