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Dec 27, 2019 at 11:04 AM

NWBC local cache

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we are using NWBC 7.0 PL6 + SAP Logon 760 with XML configuration file stored in a central location (shared folder); it contains systems definition/list (see example below - all sensitive information were removed).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Landscape updated="2019-12-23T18:36:15Z" version="1" generator="SAP GUI for Windows v7600.1.3.149">
		<Service uuid="f990f0d8-85b8-4c98-aa32-36ff3e69617b" name="FIORI - Production (SSO)" description="SSO" url="<URL>" sapguitype="Fallback" client="001" type="FIORI"/>
		<Service type="SAPGUI" uuid="b3b7563c-d507-41e1-9b46-53eebd801431" name="GUI GW - Production" systemid="GWP" mode="1" server="<server>:<port>" sncop="-1" sapcpg="1100" dcpg="2"/>
		<Service type="SAPGUI" uuid="d00cc489-8306-4c2c-9279-a610bb550b95" name="GUI S4 - Production" systemid="S4P" mode="1" server="<server>:<port>" sncop="-1" sapcpg="1100" dcpg="2"/>
		<Workspace uuid="8eb01f61-f187-4fab-b280-1e496d47b7d8" name="1 - Production" expanded="1" hidden="0">
			<Item uuid="4253e4e2-3411-43cc-be95-6db32390c282" serviceid="f990f0d8-85b8-4c98-aa32-36ff3e69617b"/>
			<Item uuid="997fedbd-74e1-4d76-99f7-58c3b536972f" serviceid="b3b7563c-d507-41e1-9b46-53eebd801431"/>
			<Item uuid="1002c140-24a1-4a44-ae91-c3269587d2a5" serviceid="d00cc489-8306-4c2c-9279-a610bb550b95"/>

Registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\SAP\SAPLogon\Options\LandscapeFileOnServer is set to \\<sharedfolder>\SAPUILandscape.xml.

The first time SAP BC is opened, configuration file is copied from shared folder into these two locations:

  1. %APPDATA%\SAP\LogonServerConfigCache
  2. %LOCALAPPDATA%\SAP\NWBC\Cache\Landscape

Every time we update the SAPUILandscape.xml file stored centrally, we noticed only the local file at point 1 is updated; but SAP BC is using the file at point 2 so the list of the updated SAP systems is not shown (until the file at point 2 is deleted manually or by using the hidden menu Extended Supportability > Clean-up > Delete NWBC Cache - to force its recreation on next SAP BC start).

We noticed the problem described above, doesn't occur in NWBC 7.0 PL0, so it seems the PL6 brokes it.

What about ?

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