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Is it possible to use the same serial number mutiple times in different deliveries

Dear Friends

We have a scenario to use the same serial number used in the PO delivery has to be used in a SO delivery for a particular material specifically for cross company cases. If we try to use the same serial (which has been used in a PO delivery) in a SO delivery, the system throws an error, "System status EDEL is active"

I know that if we go to IQ02 -> edit -> special serial no functions -> manual transactions and change it to from customer, we will be able to use the same serial number for the second time in another delivery. I would like to know if there is a way to make some setting in the serial number to use it for multiple times rather than going and changing the status in IQ02.

Please help!


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1 Answer

  • Posted on Feb 14, 2017 at 11:56 AM

    reusing a serial number is a bit a confusing term.

    If you procured a material with serial number 1 and you want sell this material then it is quite logical that you have to issue the same serial number in your sales process and should not be stopped by any error message.

    So the main question is why does the serial number still have the status EDEL ? This has to be analyzed in detail. Your given information in this regard is not really detailed enough.

    If you search for OSS notes using the term: serial number EDEL then you can get up to 48 OSS notes, 7 are more recent. Many of them fix bugs. So you have to see one of the root causes mentioned in those notes applies to your scenario and you have to check if this note is already implemented in your system or if you still need to do this to get around this issue for future cases. For the current order there is probably no other solution than changing the status manually.

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