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Dec 17, 2019 at 11:16 PM

ECC to S/4 Migration - Asset Fiscal Year (AJRW) is opened for more than 1 fiscal year

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We are migrating from ECC6.0 to S/4 HANA 1809 (FP2) on premise.

In Company code A, the asset accounting fiscal year has been open for more than 1 year.

Example: Current Asset Accounting (AA) fiscal year is FY2020 (year end is June 2020). Closed AA FY is FY2019. Company code A is opened for AA FY2020 and AA FY2021 as our BI report needs to read data from July 2020 onwards which falls under FY2021.

(note: our fiscal year is from July to June).

Due to the above where two AA Fiscal Year are open concurrently, the pre-migration check throws an error saying "CoCode A: Fiscal Year 2020 is not yet closed - See note: 2618023".

Checking the note 2618023, it says the Procedure is to perform your year-end closing and make sure that the fiscal year mentioned is closed for the company code.

I cannot use the recommended procedure because that would meant closing AA Fiscal Year 2020 (it should be open until end of June 2020 in Australia).

We could try note 2618023 and follow the recommended procedure in closing AA Fiscal Year 2020. Once migration to S/4HANA is completed but as a rule with S/4HANA (from note 2270388), you are not allowed to open any fiscal year again that occurred before the migration in Asset Accounting. This basically means I would not have access to AA FY2020 in S/4 (but my year end is still in June 2020).

Due to this reason, migration cannot proceed as SAP Migration notes states that migration must take place at a time when only one AA FY is open and only advice from SAP is to write a program which directly deletes the 2021 Fiscal Year data before migration.

So to my question, anyone has any ideas and/or encountered this issue during migration from ECC 6.0 to S/4HANA where the AA Fiscal Year is opened for more than 1 year (SAP allows AA FY to open for 2 years ahead)?

Thank you in advance.