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Apr 05, 2006 at 02:00 PM

Web, SAVE, Javascript, 'onclick' executes not more than one event


Dear all,

In the BPS Web Interface I would like to integrate a copy function with the SAVE Function under one button or link. I tried to implement an How-To document (planning sequence behind SAVE Button) but that did not work.

I found on SAP Developer Network a reply by Steve Scheidig on the same kind of issue where he suggested to use Javascript in a HTML subcomponent of the Web Interface. I don't have much knowlegde of Javascript but with the code he suggested and by looking on the Internet I made the following code:

<i><script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

function sequence1() {bspSubmit('MakeFinalJava');bspSubmit('SaveButton1');}


<div style="position:absolute; top:0px; left:12px; width:140px">

<a href="#" onclick="javascript:sequence1();" class="sapBtnStd" OnMouseOver="javascript:window.status = 'Save Data'; return true;" title="">

<nobr>Save Project Data</nobr>


The issue is that only one of the two functions (Or MakeFinalJava or SaveButton1) is executed. And always only the second in row (in this example SaveButton1). The first one seems to be overwritten by the second. First I had them separated, but because of this issue I put them in a function (sequence1()). But that also does not work.

Does anyone of you know how to solve this with Javascript?


Robert Meyer

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