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Dec 16, 2019 at 04:39 PM

IDM Initial Load from HCM very slow


Hi Experts,

We are loading users from HCM into IDM 8.0 sp6 via VDS. The process is taking a very long time. We have 7500+ users and 400+ business roles. The business roles were all created before the HCM load started.

We have a pass that matches users to business roles during the HCM Staging job so users will be provisioned to each of the 10 ABAP systems with their required access.

My question is... why is it taking so long? During the HCM load - which took about 4 days - we were provisioning users at a rate of about 1 user to 1 system every 5-10 minutes (we expect we have 58,000 of such provisions to make). We thought it would speed up when the HCM load was finished and all 4 dispatchers could be used to provision to the ABAP systems.

It did speed up a bit - we are now getting one user to all systems every 5 minutes but we have done less than 2000 users in 10 days.

When we look at the Job Log it shows the 'Time Used' to be typically small - 5s for the majority of them - but the time between jobs is in minutes. And we noticed that when the same user has multiple privileges on the same system this can make a difference (241 seconds to provision 4 privileges for example).

One other things that I think is a side effect, is that we cannot use the Web UI to display any users. We get a 500 error whenever we select an ID to display.

I should point out that I have played a lot with the dispatchers and jobs. Based on some OSS Notes I found I set one of the dispatchers to handle housekeeping etc and excluded it from running any jobs. The other dispatchers I set to run only select jobs - no job would be set to multiple dispatchers. That didn't seem to have any impact over this past weekend so now 3 dispatchers are running all jobs and one is handling housekeeping etc.

We have all components on the same system. We are running with an ASE database. DBAs say that the DB is running fine.

Any suggestions would be welcome.