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Dec 16, 2019 at 09:32 AM

Cannot be interpreted as a number


Hi all,
please help me resolved it.

whats wrong with my code ?

when clm71 have a value = 15.202.500 and ADD to gv_jun. ABAP ERROR.

data begin of t_result_tmp OCCURS 0


gv_jun type p decimal 3.

END of t_result_tmp.

Thank you.

LOOP AT t_result.
  ADD t_result-clm61 TO t_result_tmp-gv_jan. "Jan Manuring
  ADD t_result-clm63 TO t_result_tmp-gv_feb. "Feb Manuring
  ADD t_result-clm65 TO t_result_tmp-gv_mar. "Mar Manuring
  ADD t_result-clm67 TO t_result_tmp-gv_apr. "Apr Manuring
  ADD t_result-clm69 TO t_result_tmp-gv_mei. "Mei Manuring
  ADD t_result-clm71 TO t_result_tmp-gv_jun. "Jun Manuring
  ADD t_result-clm73 TO t_result_tmp-gv_jul. "Jul Manuring
  ADD t_result-clm75 TO t_result_tmp-gv_aug. "Agu Manuring
  ADD t_result-clm77 TO t_result_tmp-gv_sep. "Sep Manuring
  ADD t_result-clm79 TO t_result_tmp-gv_okt. "Okt Manuring
  ADD t_result-clm81 TO t_result_tmp-gv_nov. "Nov Manuring
  ADD t_result-clm83 TO t_result_tmp-gv_dec. "Dec Manuring
  ADD t_result-clm85 TO t_result_tmp-gv_tot. "Total
  APPEND t_result_tmp.


abap-eror.png (28.8 kB)