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Moving BCM Databases to new SQL Cluster and upgrade SQL to 2014

Feb 14, 2017 at 10:54 AM


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We are planning to move our databases to SQL server 2014
In this regard, is a several questions.
Does BCM support SQL server 2014?
And second what the correct sequence database migration?
We plan to create a new database on a cluster SQL server 2014.
Should we create a database by means of BCM and then restore the databases from existing backups?
Either the first tie up the available databases to the new server, and then switch over to the new server IA?
What is the recommended sequence of actions?
Maybe there is some guide about it?

Now we use SQL 2008 R2 and BCM 7.0.9

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Jukka Suhonen
Feb 17, 2017 at 08:27 AM

Hi Ruslan,

Let's start from SQL 2014 topic. The case is that we decided to skip this release as there were no customer demand at the time. I anyhow know that there is customers using this release, but from combatibility guide you won't found SQL 2014.

Then how to move from old to never release. This guidange is not SQL vesion specific and can be used in other cases as well. The guidance expects that you have a service break and application is turned off to avoid data corruptions.

1. Turn of CCtr services
2. Take backup of existing databases
3. Restore backup to new SQL server
Please note that a backup contains also other data from the source, like database location in file system
4. In IA change database destinations to point to the new destination (expecting that old cluster and new has different name). Once changed do 'syncronize instances'
5. Once syncronized select "upgrade all software" on HAC level (HAC node -> VU name -> software -> right click -> Ipgrade All Software). This forces installer to run database update scripts and new database destination is succesfully written to configuration.
6. Run command 'apply changes to host / local host' to finish the task.
7. Turn on the services and test that everything is working fine.

And of course we recommend to take backups before starting the procedure and you should also practice this on QA/DEV environment before going to production.


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Former Member

Really big Thanx for your answer. Very helpful!


If MS SQL 2014 is skipped, then does that mean the MS SQL 2016 or MS SQL 2017 is supported?


Current status is that MS SQL 2014 is supported with FP11 and MS SQL 2016 is supported with FP12.
No plans to add 2017 support in near future.



Hi Jukka,

we want to move our SAP Contact Center database also to a new server. Thanks for your hints in the first answer.

I have only one additional question regarding the OLAP database of Online Reporting: Should this one be moved like the other databases (via backup/restore) or should I rebuild this one as written down in this blog (

Thanks in advance



Hi Michael,

The important thing is to bakcup and restore VWU database which holds the history data. Then OLAP is used for data processing and is created when you run "upgrade all software" command in IA.