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Dec 10, 2019 at 01:37 PM

Start info-package via abap without prompts


Hello. I need to start IPAKs from ABAP, these IPAKs are also created in ABAP. This program is started by Process Chain. It was made to create several parallel packages to reduce loading time. IPAKs count is determined dynamically depending on system performance.

So, the problem - I use BAPI_IPAK_START, but it asks a Server Scheduling Request, coz we have a multi-server system and this BAPI makes IPAK "Start Later in Background", whatever option was there before.


The questions are:

Is there any other way to start IPAK instead of BAPI_IPAK_START?

Is there any FM to start IPAK immediately, without batch jobs, as I make it in RSA1 manually?

Are there any ways to call BAPI_IPAK_START without prompts, e.g. some params to choose "host" without request?


sched.png (9.3 kB)