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Dec 10, 2019 at 12:19 PM

Auto Fill batch characterstics by PO confirmation quantity


Dear All,

I need help to map the below 2 scenarios

1. FG_DEMO is my batch class of Finished Goods. The angle is the finished goods. Base Unit of measurement is MT. Now when they do production it usually takes place in MT but contains the Pieces as the value of the characteristic. Let's say they have done the production of 40 MT and in this quantity 628 Pieces. Now when they do a delivery of partial quantity the number of pieces from the value of the characteristic needs to be reduced.

2. I have the batch characteristics Production order quantity in this characteristics I have maintained in the additional tab of characterstics following value. such as Table "MCHB" and Feild "CLABS". The Intention to create this characterstics is when I confirm the production order the quantity of confirmation should directly come in my batch characterstics. But I am unabke ti achieve this.


Tejas Khanna