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Dec 06, 2019 at 04:10 PM

Using MBT build tool to build CAP-project as .mtar file in local dev environment

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Hi all,

I seem to have a problem building a CAP project locally using the new mbt build tool.

Steps I took where:

  1. From WebIde Full Stack, create new project from template using the CAP template "SAP Cloud Platform Business Application". I did not configure the HTML5 Application Repository and did not create a web module. I did enable UAA and selected NodeJS + Hana DB 2.0 SPS 04.
  2. From WebIDE, right-click the newly created project and selected "Build with cloud MTA build tool". An .MTAR file is successfully build in WebIDE thus configuration seems ok I guess.
  3. Exported the project from WebIDE, and unzipped the project on my filesystem locally.
  4. I made sure to successfully install the make.exe tool and also installed npm package for mbt. Additionally I already had installed @sap/cds-dk (not sure that is important)?
  5. Next I ran the command from the root of the project: "mbt build -p=cf --strict=true".

I am endlessly waiting for the process to complete, after 10 minutes I get a timeout. I tried a few other things... First execute the command "mbt init" and then use the command "make -f Makefile.mta p=cf -d". That gives a lot more debug information... but what happens when the dots are printed remains a mystery to me.

Any help on how to proceed is very much appreciated.


waiting.png (20.3 kB)