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Dec 09, 2019 at 01:53 PM

E-Mail Bounce Marketing Cloud vs. "Successful Received" Status in SAP Digital Interconnect


Dear Experts,

I've created an email campaign in SAP Marketing Cloud. All of the mails have been sent to the same domain.

5/8 contacts received the mail correctly, 3/8 did not.

For these three contacts I get the following interaction written in SAP Marketing Cloud:

Now I send a GET request to the SAP Digital Interconnect API with the correct startUTCTime and endUTCTime and the specific campaignId (looks like this:

As a response I get the notifications for all of the 8 emails that have been sent in the campaign. But for every of these emails I get a "Successful Received" as status.

How is it possible that SAP Marketing Cloud says that the email has been classified as spam?

How is it even possible that the same email is handled differently by the same MS Exchange server?

Any ideas?

BR Tobias


email-bounce.png (12.4 kB)