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Former Member
Apr 05, 2006 at 11:35 AM

memory problems in internal table



I am facing an issue with the internal table memory.

I am selecting something from the database and putting it in internal table but the load is so much that it is giving me memory errors as the data may go into millions.

So what we have decided is to cut down the data in the internal table. we have defined a variable which will contain suppose 30000 data.

so what i mean to do is to take the records from the databas based on the value in the variable. By that way i will be taking only 30000 data each time.

But the issue is that first time it will take 1 to 30000 records if i give upto 30000 rows in the select query.. but then how will i take 30001 to 60000 the next time.. by that i mean how will i keep incrementing in the select query.

Thanks in advance.

Amit Kurup