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Dec 07, 2019 at 08:02 PM

Negative available stock with positive pick quantity in interim bin 999




I have a case where in LS24 the system is showing negative available stock with a positive pick quantity in interim storage type 999. The Storage Bin is the TO which has already been confirmed against the delivery for a quantity of zero in interim location 916, where the delivery quantity is also equal to zero, see attached screen shot of LS24

I am unable to move a positive quantity into a negative quantity because these quantites are in the same bin and quant. I cannot use transaction LT0G because the delivery line has lock against it presumably because the quantity for the delivery is zero. In addition I am unable to create a physical inventory document because counting on negative stocks is not allowed.

I have used t-code VL09 to reverse the GI but then I am just left with a delivery with a quantity zero in a different processing status.

Am a little unsure on how to handle this one.

Tips would be appreciated!