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Dec 06, 2019 at 02:27 PM

Populating Dimension Members in drop down on initialisation of application.


Hello Gurus,

I am faced with the difficulty of populating the dropdown box of an analytical application on initialisation of the application. I am able to get the members of the Country dimension into the dropdown box on initialisation. It however populates all the master data country members in the country info object in the dropdownbox. I do not need all the country members but only the country members available in the model. I have attached my script for more understanding of the problem.


//Populate Dropdown with Country Dimension

var i=0; var Dimension =Chart_2.getDataSource().getMembers("ZCNTY_SH");

for (i=0;i< Dimension.length; i++) { Dropdown_1.addItem(Dimension[i].id,Dimension[i].description);


Can someone be of help to me on this?. I get all the masterdata information from the backend into the dropdown on initialization.